Business aviation industry takes off, expected to reach new heights in 2023

In 2022, there were a staggering 1,589,611 departures and arrivals of private and corporate aircraft, emphasizing the extensive network and reach. (08/27/2023)

Business aviation refers to the use of private or corporate aircraft for the purpose of conducting business activities. It encompasses the use of airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft by organizations and individuals to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in meeting their business needs. For example, with private aviation, it is easy to determine a private jet rental cost that will fit the needs of potential passengers. 

Unlike commercial aviation, business aviation involves the use of aircraft primarily for the benefit of a specific company or individual. It enables businesses to travel directly to their desired destinations, bypassing the limitations and constraints of scheduled commercial flights. Business aviation offers numerous advantages, including time savings, enhanced convenience, access to remote locations, confidentiality, and the ability to tailor travel schedules according to specific requirements.