Curitiba will receive the first ‘flying car’ test in Latin America

An aircraft from Chinese manufacturer EHang will demonstrate without a crew between March 22 and 24, according to the city hall. (01/26/2023)

The first test flight of an eVTOL (acronym in English for “electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle”) in Latin America should take place in Curitiba, between March 22nd and 24th. The information was confirmed by the city hall of the capital of Paraná.

The expectation is that a test without a crew will be carried out with an aircraft from the Chinese company EHang, during the Smart City Curitiba Expo. The proposal was presented by AT Global, which represents the manufacturer in Brazil, to the mayor of Curitiba, Rafael Greca (PSD), last Thursday (19).

“We were introduced to the eVTOL and we, as an innovative city, authorized the studies for this type of vehicle to make a journey in the skies of Curitiba”, said Greca, who received a miniature replica of the EH216 AAV model.

To carry out manned flights, the aircraft will need authorization from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

“We want to show all of Brazil and Latin America that we are facing something with the potential to change the way we see urban air mobility. It is an absolutely safe technology, already tested in thousands of flights around the world”, said Alexandre Daltro, CEO of AT Global.