Industry Experts and Analysts Share Predictions for Business Aviation

Jefferies’ 2024 forecast is only 5% above 2019 levels. Panelists discuss their perspectives on the business aviation industry in 2023 during the Newsmakers Luncheon at NBAA-BACE 2023. (10/16/2023)

Industry experts provided insights into the current state and future prospects of business aviation during a panel discussion at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas on Monday. 

Sheila Kahyaoglu of Jefferies expressed some doubts about a forecast from Honeywell indicating an average annual growth rate of 2 percent. “We only have our forecast out for 2026,” she said, adding that they consider the growth of the five major bizjet OEMs. Their business jet models take into account used jet inventories, as well as insights from companies and business jet management teams.

“We do it on a per-model basis. We find that we’re most accurate when we look at it that way,” she said.